The Opportunity Cost of Sensitivity

Outrage as an argumentative deterrent has become so commonplace that it is in many instances left unquestioned. Across campuses in the United States, speech and course material are being constrained in the name of sensitivity. There seems to be a mounting pressure on intellectuals to conform to conventional wisdom, even in the face of data. This, of course, comes at a loss to anyone who would like to pursue rational thought and values integrity over pleasantry–and to society as a whole. What we are losing is not immediately visible, thus I have dubbed it the “opportunity cost of sensitivity”. Over … Continue reading The Opportunity Cost of Sensitivity

The Theoretical Exploration of Dimensions 0-5

Following is my personal interpretation of dimensions 0-5 of our physical existence, as well as descriptions of the shapes that inhabit such existences and the process by which I envisioned them. I arrived at these conclusions by observing the differences between points, lines, squares etc. and studying the nature of their relationships. I am sure there are many who would disagree with my conclusions. Lastly, before I begin it is important to state that in my view, we are not living exclusively in the third dimension. Rather, dimensions should be used as lenses with which to view our spatial, chronological … Continue reading The Theoretical Exploration of Dimensions 0-5