About the blog

This blog doesn’t have a discernible theme; it’s mostly a place where I explore things that are on my mind. Common subjects include sociology, public policy, politics (not of the electoral variety), and economics.

The tag line says it all: It’s not that big a deal. I’m not an expert on any of the many subjects I choose to write, so don’t take anything too seriously. That doesn’t mean what’s written here shouldn’t be criticized—probably the opposite! Feel free to sound off in the comments section or wherever else.

Eddiethoughts is as bereft of followers as it is coherence and authority. Nonetheless, I promise not to try to sell you anything.

About the author

Aside from putting one word in front of another, I enjoy music, foreign languages, my very humble attempts at data visualization, and reading. I also like to travel, and have been trying to see more of the United States over the past couple of years. Exercise of various forms is great, too.

I think it would be cool to write a book at some point, but about what I have no idea.


There are many bad reasons to contact a random blogger from the internet (to issue a death threat, to sell me something I don’t want, to ask me for money). Hopefully, you’re looking to get in touch because you want to do something good, like hire me, correct a mistake in one of my posts, or start a conversation. If that’s the case, use this contact form:


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