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This blog is dedicated to data-driven storytelling, and, on occasion, my private opinions. I definitely have a soft spot for quirky topics: Have you ever wondered how much inflation would be necessary to make burning dollar bills efficient? I have…and I did the math so you don’t have to. I’m always looking for new ideas, so if you have one, let me know!

About the author:

A 27-year-old writer, I plan on pursuing an advanced degree in something data-y at some point. Like many writers, I’m broke and interested in any paid side work.

Interests include music, foreign languages, economics, and other nerd stuff. Strong believer in the Oxford comma.

For comments, questions, or inquiries, shoot me an email. Check out my Linkedin page while you’re at it. Hell, give this blog a ‘like’ on Facebook or follow on twitter if you’ve got the time.

Looking like an absolute stud on this bicycle.

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